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Côtes-d’armor, Bretagne

Life in France

My insights into the cultural differences I encounter on a daily basis. Life in France may suprise you. It has suprised me in the best possible way.

My articles are broken up into four important categories; culture, language, food and lessons learned. Each contribute to my life as an expat and I hope you can relate and enjoy.


The lack of café culture, worker rights and kissing strangers. A culture of community is a huge part of life here in France and one of the reasons I am proud to call it home. The French genuinely value community and connection.

How to Kiss Strangers in France

You have arrived in France. You go to the boulangerie for a croissant and see two friends bumping into each other in the queue, they kiss…

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Everyone should learn a second language. After being here for almost three years now, my journey has been a long and diffcult one but the most rewarding thing I have ever accomplished.

How long does it take to learn French? No really.
I’ll break down what worked for me and what didn’t, to give you an honest opinion on language learning and why you should go for it anyway!

How Long Does It Really Take to Learn French?

So you want to learn French? Don’t panic. It is never too late to start and learning a language is one of the most rewarding things…

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From offending French chefs to eating like a tourist. I have had the best and worst of what France has to offer. As a vegetarian the struggle here is real. Is France really the worlds number one foody destination? Well, that depends.

Where on Earth is the Cheese and Wine?

While France is romanticised as a country where you can sip the finest wines and nibble on a beautiful array of pungent cheeses, Brittany…

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Try Cooking Something Like a Breton

France, as you know, is a culinary destination. The cheese, the wine, the Michelin star restaurants. Brittany has its own food traditions…

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Lessons Learned

I have been through a lot since relocating to France and what is life without plenty of mistakes and a lot to be learnt from them. From losing my job, to accepting a new one. Using google translate to speak french and making plenty of faux pas – even using the phrase faux pas is a mistake over here!

The Proven Dangers of Google Translate

Have you ever been in a foreign country and quickly whipped out your phone for a translation? Maybe you’ve even spoken into your phone an…

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Simple Contrast Between Italian & French People

When it comes to national pride the Italians and the French are quite similar. Both nations boast that they are the best. While talking w…

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