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The Unturned Stones

A travel and lifestyle blog. By me, Lydia.
Lifting the unturned stones of life in Brittany, France. I’m based in the Côtes d’Armor and I am here to share an honest and informative account of my life here.

I will be adding new content weekly. Follow me here or on Instagram as I share articles about Brittany, my life in France and my passion for cycling.

Discover this fiercely independant, rugged corner of France.

Je ne suis pas Français, je suis Breton.”

I am not French, I am Breton. – A common saying in this part of the world. The people here are proud and not without good reason. Learn more about the Bretons in my article ‘An Introduction to Brittany‘.

Travel Brittany

Discover my favourite unmissable places in this region.

French Language

I share my experience of learning the language.

French Culture

Learn more about how to immerse yourself in French culture.

The Unturned Stones of the Côtes d’Armor.

When the weather permits I enjoy discovering new undiscovered places near where I live in the countryside of the Côtes-d’Armor. I want to share the unturned stones of Brittany, France with you. Join me on my journey of discovery.

Life in Town

Meander through medieval streets lined with half timber houses and uncover the stories woven through them.

Coastal Adventures

Hike the GR34 and experience the power of the elements along the northern Breton coast.

Lydia Brannen

Cyclist, guide, adventurer.

About me. What is my story?